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Custom CMS Development Company

You require advanced features. If you plan on having a website requiring advanced customization, evaluate if you are pushing the limits of off-the-shelf CMS platforms. An example would be software that is core to your business that must be custom built on top of the CMS platform. Future risks could be the inability to run a proper software update, or even worse, a software update breaking your custom code. It happens all the time!

You want a simpler interface that you can design. The best part of a custom CMS is that the interface and workflows can be completely up to you! If you run a large team of editors or content creators, or have a large enterprise that requires updating by many administrators, you can choose an existing "dashboard" and build your custom CMS around that. Or, you can even design your own. This is something that is very difficult with many open-source platforms.

You require ownership. Remember, when you build a site with an open-source CMS, you may not "own" the software. Start-ups who are interested in future acquisitions of technology or similar would be disserved by building on top of an open-source framework, which would bring about licensing issues in the future.